Cosmopolitan Instagram Filters

In January 2020, I began teaching myself Facebook's Spark AR technology to create Instagram and Facebook filters. I used this knowledge to create filters for Cosmopolitan, including filters with aesthetic effects, roulette games, and social messages like our first-time voter campaign. For each filter, I began by creating moodboards of filters we all know and love and finding different elements our Instagram audience would love that still fit the brand as a whole. Then I brainstormed how to bring these ideas to life in a new way with Cosmo's social team and get to work on making the magic happen in Photoshop and Spark AR. A lot (and I mean a *lot*) of trial and error and testing happened, then fast forward through a few formatting details when we published the effects, and they were ready to use on everyone's phones. These filters can be found (and used!) on Cosmopolitan's Instagram page.


Using Format